had a pretty good day skating finally gettting that backslide still not all that good but it is there and i was trying to ally oop mizuo and half cab mizuo and ive almost got them down perfectly and as i was doing my ally oop mizuo i accidently master my ally oop makio and accidently done a 270 bs backsilde and it looked to sick and i can know do a unnatural soul grind still feels a bit weird though
i think the only bad thing that happened was i tripped up lanching of the fun box into a makio and i hurt my knee but all in all it was an epic day of skating


finally got the ally oop soul and half cab soul down and im starting to get the backslides down which is epic managed to do a epic frontside on the halfpipe today where i jump the small halfpipe to the big one and did a frontside and dropped in fakie which was awesome
i was trying to fishbrain stall on the halfpipe and i was starting to get it but it is hard and i started to backside the coping as well got it but it is very sketchy so today has been a great day of skating


the damn ice got in my way so i all i could do at the skate part was a few basic grind but i started to get the ally oop soul down and half cab soul so it wasn`t too bad but i couldn`t go on any ramps so hopefully tomorrow will be better


Well today wasnt to bad my ally oop soul rinds are getting better and i learn how to top porn which im quiet proud of
but for some reason towards the end of the day my top souls were not going so well but oh well i final manged to 180 clear the death box at bromley skate park and to 360 clear the fun box and my airs are getting better so all in all it was a good day

still trying to soul grind coping and to backslife grind there pretty hard to do


went to skate a bromley today to the local skatepark, and typical english weather it started raining ¬¬ but it stopped soon and dried out so i started skating and what a day of skating it was i was hitting thoughs topsouls and top acids like there was no tomorrow.
so today i learnt how to do a top acid, ally oop soul and fish brain grab and i was trying to 180 clear the death box almost did it but i didnt completely clear and for some reason i was getting a lot of air out of coping about 3 or 4 foot out of coping and i cant forget that i did manage to land fakie 360 on the half pipe

so all in all it was a brillant day especail coz the sun came out and made everything bone dry


went skating today it wasn`t all that today just did my normal practice and i learned to 180 over a spin but i was banging out the top souls and sweatstances nicely and i tried a 720 but it didn`t work lol but oh well ill just try again

skating today

today i went to 2 skate parks the first on had a rail which was nice so i started banging out the topsouls after that i went to the next park i manage to get topsouls on the box and i have finally got them, so i thought id tried a mistrial and i got it first time and every time after that, and i tried a backslide i got it but it was so sketchy.
well all in all it was a good day skating.


hi im aaron, i ride custiom valo tv2`s ive been back to skating for about 6 months and ive been loving it since then ive added about 20 odd new tricks that i could never do. and ofc ill be updating my jounel evertime i skate which should be every weekend, so i hope to being writing again soon

thought i would do a list of trick i can do:
soul grind
acid grind
ally oop makio
bs royale
bs farvegungen
other trick:
cess slide
180 out and in to a half pipe
and other tricks as well