The Pornstar Grind is quite simple to do, and when it is done right it can look very stylish.

We recommend that beginners approach this trick with moderate speed. As you are approaching the obstacle, spot where you want to land then jump and lock in your soul foot, at the same time bringing your non-souling foot and lock it in behind your souling foot at 90 degrees with the inside of the boot facing out. To make sure you keep your balance, try to move your body into the same position you would be in, in a Backside Grind and try to ensure that most of you weight is on your souling foot.
After you get used to performing the grind you can make it look more stylish. For example, when you try the Porn Star Grind get as low as possible this gives you a good style. Be careful when trying to land this trick, as it is common when putting all your weight on your souling foot to leave the obstacle with your souling foot lower than your other foot. The solution for this is to jump higher.

There are a few different names for variations of this trick:
– When the Pornstar Grind is preformed topside this has been known to be called ‘sunny day’
– When the Pornstar Grind is preformed allyoop topside it can be known as ‘cloudy night’.

So to Pornstar Grind:
• Approach with moderate speed (beginners: remember the more speed you have the easier it is to balance)
• Spot where you want to land on the obstacle.
• Jump and lock your soul foot into the obstacle and at the same time lock your non-souling foot into place at 90 degrees (your H-block) behind your souling foot with the inside of the boot facing out.
• Turn your body into Backside Grind position and focus most of your weight onto your souling foot for balance.
• Jump off normally or spin if you’re your feeling adventurous.