The Frontside Grind is one of the easiest tricks to learn, it is hard at first but once you’ve leaned it, it can be made into a very stylish looking Grind.

This trick can be preformed at any speed, but Grindside recommend that beginners approach the curb or rail with a moderate speed to begin with as this grind can be quite fast and hard to get used to. When you reach the curb or rail, spot a point on the rail and keep your eyes fixed on it. Next perform the jump and spin 90 degrees landing with the rail or curb in the gap between your two middle wheels. Upon landing on the rail keep your legs about shoulder width apart and bend your knees, this gives you balance when grinding. If it’s a rail that your are grinding it is best to try and keep your balance central, however if you are grinding a curb then you may have to grind at an angle.

So to Frontside Grind:
• Approach with moderate speed (beginners: remember the more speed you have the easier it is to balance).
• Spot the point on the rail or curb that you want to grind.
• Jump and spin 90 degrees landing with your knees bent and feet shoulder width apart.
• Land in-between your two middle wheels, on your point that you have spotted.
• Once you have ground the rail or curb you can spin 90 degrees to land Fakie or just land normally. (personal preference)