The Backside Grind is very similar to the Frontside Grind; the only difference is that you can’t see the rail as easily as you can while Frontside Grinding.

To Backside Grind we recommend for beginners that you approach the curb or rail at a low speed, this Grind (like the Frontside Grind) can be fast making it hard to get used to. When you are approaching the rail or curb, you must approaching it from the opposite way to the Frontside Grind.
So as you are approaching the curb or rail with a moderate speed, you must spot your landing area this is important as you can’t see where you will land after you have jumped. Jump and spin 90 degrees and land onto your spotted area of the rail or curb in-between your two middle wheels, with your legs shoulder width apart and knees bent. You should be facing away from the rail as you are grinding (back towards the rail) this is the Backside Grind.

So to Backside Grind:
• Approach with moderate speed (beginners: remember the more speed you have the easier it is to balance).
• Spot the point on the rail or curb that you want to grind.
• Jump and spin 90 degrees landing with your knees bent and feet shoulder width apart.
• Land in-between your two middle wheels, on the point that you have spotted.
• Once you have ground the rail or curb you can spin 90 degrees to land Fakie or just land normally. (personal preference)