The Acid Grind is seen as a basic grind and once mastered can look very stylish; the acid grind is similar to the soul grind.

We recommend that beginners approach this trick with a moderate speed. As you are approaching the obstacle you are grinding, spot where you want to land, then jump and lock in your soul foot, at the same time bring your non-souling foot and lock it in-front of your souling foot at 90 degrees (your H-block) with the inside of the boot facing out. To make sure you keep your balance, try to move most your body weight onto your souling foot.
It is best to skate straight at the object you are about to grind unless you are going to attempt to spin onto it. It also helps if you jump and lock straight into the grind rather than stepping into it. This usually looks very bad and is not the correct way to complete the Acid Grind.
Adding style to the Acid Grind is quite easy, just try to get as low as possible and experiment with where your feet feel most comfortable.

So to Acid Grind:
• Approach with moderate speed (beginners: remember the more speed you have the easier it is to balance)
• Spot where you want to land on the obstacle.
• Jump and lock your soul foot into the obstacle and at the same time lock your non-souling foot into place with the inside of the boot facing out at 90 degrees.
• Try to keep most of your weight on your souling foot for balance.
• Jump off normally or spin if you’re your feeling adventurous.