I’m selling a bunch of old frames, grind plates, etc… check out my eBay listing, complete with lots of pictures.

The lot includes:
– A set of barely-used Fiziks frames (off the Sagona USD Thrones), size M. These frames alone are worth the price of the whole lot.
– GC frames, old-style Salomon frames with the UHMW side plates, and some pretty torn up 50/50 balance frames with juice blocks
– Two sets of TRS grind plates plus two extra sole plates, the royale plates are the 2nd largest size. Used these for a little while on some Deshis but then sold the Deshis
– Old-style Razors left side sole plate – from my first pair of skates, 12-13 boot size
– A bunch of bolts and bearings – 6 and 8mm axles, frame bolts, cuff bolts, buckle screws, grind plate bolts, spare GC H-Block bolts, etc

There’s still a lot of use left in these parts – and the Fiziks and Salomon frames are hard to find.