nothing til saturday

Haven`t skated in awhile but on saturday I`m going to another park so that should be fun

vacation_south yarmouth skatepark

I`ve been on vacation for awhile so I`ve been checking out some of the skateparks in cape cod.
I went to one with a mini pipe a spine and some cool ledges you can do souls on. It was a fun day.

Wethersfield Skatepark

Today me and my friends sam and matt hit up wethersfield. We were the only fruitbooters there, which kind of sucked though. They have a bowl that is so deep, that if you lose your speed you have to unstrap and climb out. The only problem with it, is it is to deep to skate it, unless your extreme- or professional. They have some nice rails and boxes. They also have a ledge that is very fun to grind. I spent a little while just practicing soul grinds and got them down pretty good. If you are a CT skater, I recommend going to Wethersfield Skatepark. The only problem is that there are usually a ton of skateboarders there and no booters.

Newington Skatepark

Today my friend and I hit up newington. It`s a great park if you`re just starting out, but it offers challenges to those that are more experienced. The park has a huge quarter pipe, a minipipe, and a spine. It has multiple ledges and rails. Overall, it`s a fun park. If you`re a ct skater, skate it up.

Farmington Skatepark

Today, sam and I skated farmington. This park is killer. It has an awesome almost full-sized halfpipe! It`s really fun to skate. It also has funboxes, LOTS OF rails and ledges, a spine, and lots of quarter pipes. If you`re in the area check it out. I landed a soul, and a mizou on the ledges. It was a fun day.


Haven’t been able to skate in a while, stupid teachers drowning me in hw. It sucks. Today I got out though. When to the school and hit up the benches. Theres this one thats so slippery and you don’t even have to wax it, it’s pretty sick. I tried to do a mizou on it and slipped and got as huge bruise on my shin. I was just lyin down on the bench for a while and this lady thought I was dead. I also landed some sick soul grinds and backsides.

Trick of The Day: Soul Grind

Hittin curbs

I’ve just gotten into aggressive inline and got a pair of skates. I had a crappy rail but it broke, so now i’ve had to just wax the curb outside my house. Today, I landed a backside grind, a soul grind, and my first mizou. That was pretty sick.
Out of school sick for a couple days, so my mom won’t let me skate right now-that stinks. But i’m excited because tommorrow i’m gonna skate up the local college/ sweeeeeeet!

Trick of the day- Mizou grind