See the new site layout on the 2007 map, and compare it with the 2005 map.

We are not sure who owned the copyright for these maps, but if you are unhappy with us showing them in this way please email us so we can remove the Glastonbury Festival maps.

Things i have noticed about the new Glastonbury Festival map compared with the old one:

1. The addition of the Park.
2. The cash point is to be moved, and there are now 3.
3. There are now toilets at the top of the wicket ground.
4. There is a large extension to the camping area by vehicle gate 4, i assume this is to make up for loosing the camping area which is now the park.
5. The original tipi field remains, but there is a new one added outside the fence to the south.
6. Some of the car parks have been renamed.
7. The Crown has gone.