Who doesn’t love extreme sports? All right, let’s not exaggerate so much, the truth is there’s a reason they call us otakus: we hate going out on the street, and if it means playing sports, then we don’t even talk anymore. Maybe if you like extreme sports and all you’re looking for is making fantastic moves that you still don’t get in real life.

Whatever your reason for playing extreme sports video games, here is a top ten of these types of video games, maybe you’ve already played them all, or maybe you’re just looking to get out of the routine. You may not get the same adrenaline, but you get the same fun because you can even play with several people or play them online (in some cases only). Enjoy the next list full of adrenaline, motorcycles, skates, and more.

  1. Jet Set Radio

When we talk about skateboarding, the first thing we associate it with IS urban culture. In this game of graffiti and skates presents us with an imaginary city with rival skateboarding bands. The plot is simple; you belong to a gang that quarrels with an enemy gang and to mark territory, you have to skate and paint the streets with graffiti. Simple, isn’t it?

Controls are simple so performing tricks and getting high scores is not difficult, as long as you keep jumping from one side to the other. Graphites also have their difficulty, which also rises according to the number of graffiti you are performing. Don’t miss the chance to play this cool saga too much. You may be a little disappointed by the ending, but the originality that has been tried to translate is noticeable and pleasing to the player.

  1. Trials Fusion

The only conventional thing you’ll find in this game is the fact that your character is riding a motorcycle, so if you’re into motorcycles, come on. What are you waiting for? In this video game, emotion is brought to unimaginable limits as you have countless scenarios, to which to describe them as extremes are nothing.

Jumped on the bike, doing amazing stunts, having races, among many other things; it’s like Trials Fusion bets to keep the players glued for a while. Don’t miss the chance to get behind the wheel of these two jumping wheels. Give a chance to this saga that promises to create a revolutionary way of playing in the concept of motorbikes as there is nothing like it before this video game. In addition to this, you can be the designer of the tracks or levels at a certain time so you can get the perfect track for your needs or tastes.

  1. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

Motorbikes, quads, vans or Monster trucks in an unbridled race where everything goes. This installment of the franchise MotorStorm is a gem because it leaves behind the classic dessert and leads us to a Pacific island, in which the fun and the variation of tracks is assured. You can take a shortcut, hit the opponent, or simply run to the finish line, although we will not always have that goal with various modes of games that were included. Trying to be the best is always a fact, but showing it behind the wheel is even better.

  1. MXGP 3

MXGP 3 presents the sport of motocross, which is why we find circuits, pilots, and real teams of the MX2 and MXGP. Being a motocross pilot is now possible and within your fingertips – a motocross video game that seeks to leave its predecessors behind. Motorbikes are the dream of any boy and even if it doesn’t look like one girl or another.

The team of Milestone presents a game: “more than real” according to its slogan and the truth to debate it is a bit difficult as they were determined to improve the graphics, sound, effects, and gameplay; they simply succeeded. Maybe she franchises with better graphics or sensory experiences, but the MXGP 3 motocross is the goal to achieve. Also, MXGP 3 has different online and offline modes of play, so missing it could be considered a crime for extreme sports video game lovers.

  1. Kinect Sports Rivals

A unique game in its category as it exploits the Kinect that owns the Xbox One. Sports Rivals has different sports, including tennis, football, white, and bowling; in the extreme section, we consider jet skiing and mountaineering. Although to be honest, any sport in this video game becomes extreme, forcing them to abandon the comfort of the armchair, as it puts us to spin, jump and make funny gestures so that our avatars get into action.

Perhaps ask: what is It about Sports Opponent who doesn’t have Wii Sports? The answer is simple (even though you may not have played Sports Rivals), the sense of play is more real as you do not have control as it happens in the Wii. The climbing games are the most energetic since you have to climb in an agile way, holding hands, in the air left and right, and jump if necessary to be able to reach the mint before your rivals. On the other hand, jet skis racing is most fun, and there is no game even remotely similar to the Xbox One and its Kinect. Why do we place so much emphasis on Kinect? Simple, it’s magnificent.