Skydiving is both an adventure and an extreme sport. What makes him like that? Well, for starters, is one of the games that you most adrenaline rush into. It’s not like any other sport, in this you have to throw yourself from a certain considerate height, and let yourself go.

Generally, historically, skydiving has been considered an unconventional sport, the technique of which has been used for competitive, recreational, and transport purposes.

The most frequent means of skydiving are jumping from planes or helicopters. The participants carry the main parachute and a reserve parachute. The paratrooper must undergo training that allows him to maneuver the direction of the chute into the sky, and direct it towards the landing zone.

Basic skydiving equipment

Essential skydiving equipment can be costly. Increasingly, there are more advanced technologies and accessories that make prices rise even higher. However, it allows this extreme sport to become more and more secure.

A full team could cost as much as a new motorcycle or half a small car. Skydiving doesn’t have a market big enough to make prices go down. Another option is to lease the equipment, and what will be needed at least is:

  • Two parachutes (main and emergency)
  • Harness
  • Old
  • Altimeter
  • Gloves and glasses
  • Automatic activator (optional)

Skydiving as a competition sport

Like all sports, skydiving is also practiced for competitive purposes. Only some of its modalities are used for competition and is considered one of the showiest among adventure sports.

At first, the competition was limited to the precision of the paratrooper on a target on the ground. Then, after the paratroopers learned to control their movements in free fall, the modality was implemented with the same name, which consists of carrying out different maneuvers at the moment of descent, before reaching the height at which the parachute should be opened.

Competition skydiving can be practiced not only individually but also as a group. Freefall training (FCL) is another modality for more experienced athletes. It is made in groups of 2, 4, 8, 12 or 20 people, and consists of forming blocks and figures in the air, in a coordinated way.

Skydiving training

Skydiving training has several options and not necessarily involve jumping from an airplane. Practice in the wind tunnel is done under roof.

Parachute flying simulation jumps are used to gain experience. Paratroopers who have just started this extreme sport should seek training with the following options:

  • Static line: the rope is tied to a stable static object similar to a tower and the other to the paratrooper.
  • Instructor-assisted opening: the jump is done with the instructor, and it is he who opens the parachute.
  • Accelerated free fall: the instructor accompanies during the descent until the person opens the parachute.
  • The tandem jump: the coach and the practitioner jump together by a special harness.

Skydiving modalities in flight with parachutes

The patterns of the plane with parachutes are mostly personal. Unlike freefall, this practice requires having the parachute open and advanced control over it.

Except for the relative mode of sailing, the other methods of skydiving refer to different forms of landing as:

  • Precision: you must fall as close as possible to a specific point.
  • Swooping: type of landing in which the paratrooper passes to the ground at long distances.
  • Relative sailing work: a team of paratroopers comes together to form different figures with their parachutes.
  • Speed Riding: it is a combination of ski and speed flight.

Practice Speed riding

If you’re one of the people looking for new adrenaline sensations, then Speed riding is what you might call the perfect combination of extreme and speed.

Nowadays, Speed riding is a sport that skiers and paragliders practice, because it consists in having a particular bell, very similar to that of paragliders, however, it has the quality of reacting faster and above all in a more agile way.

Speedreading, in two words, would be flying and skiing at the same time, as it is skied and floated by the significant slopes of snow and always descending at unimaginable speeds. A sport was full of adrenaline.

Experts point out that you can jump on the high rocks, because of the buoyancy of the clamped Bell. Also, practicing this sport brings several benefits, such as:

  • Exercise your muscles.
  • Improve coordination.
  • It improves concentration.
  • Improves physical condition.

On the other hand, although it sounds complicated, it is a complete sport where you work the body, the mind, and the resistance.