Review on Arovista Park in Brea, CA.

This skatepark is awesome. If you live anywhere near it, visit it. It’s a fun place with plenty of things to do, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. The coping slides well, and the concrete is smooth. It has good maintenance too. One day a skateboarder tried to do a grind on a grindbox, and the metal bar on the side was knocked off. It was replaced in a few days.

List of obstacles:

-A bowl that’s deep on one end and shallow on the other
-A bank on one end of the park, in front of the bowl
-A funbox with ramps on three sides. Has a ledge on one side, and a rail going through the middle.
-Two grindboxes. One is tall and long. The other is shorter and bigger.
-A flat rail
-A pyramid in the middle.
-Lots of quarter piping on the side opposite to the bank. This includes a spine, a 4 foot funbox, and more.
-A curved ledge with coping near the end with the quarter piping. The ledge goes down into the skating area.
-Benches as a place to sit in the shade. Has metal coping on the corners so you can also grind it.
-Stairs leading down into the skatepark

In addition to a skatepark, Arovista also has tons of rails, stairs, ledges, hills, and more.