The Origins and Evolution of Extreme Sports

The most extreme sports generally involve the speed, height or unimaginable amount of physical exertion and action. Scientists believe that the need for extreme sports was needed when the man got too used to the comfortable lives. Too much comfort and safe living do not go naturally with the nature of men. After all, we have been cavemen who used to surpass extreme situations for years before we got used to the comforts of life. The current form of extreme sports is believed to have originated in Polynesia in the 1970s where surfing on the water was introduced as a new form of action sports that involves thrill and danger. Later the action sports started involving two or more aspects of action and the action sports like skysurfing evolved which involved both height and physical exertion.

Why Do We Love Extreme Sports?

As said earlier, the extreme action sports are the ones that give us a tremendous adrenaline rush which no other sports can give. Modern men were used to the luxuries of life but there was an equally burning desire to live the life that their ancestors used to live. A life of risk, a life of dangers and fighting the danger with a brave heart and winning over every extremity. Too much comfort sometimes become boring and this is what made people choose to play the extreme adventure and action sports like bungee jumping, snowboarding, etc. Moreover sports betting on these events on online casino sites is equally thrilling. This, on the one hand, cut the monotony of their mundane lives and on the other hand gave a new meaning to their lives. Every time one came back from a session of extreme sports, he felt that he got a new life.

The Most Popular Extreme Sports

  1. Creeking: kayak down from high waterfalls.
  2. BASE Jumping: this means jumping off a base structure such as a cliff or a high rise.
  3. Tow-In Surfing: in this, you have to surf through high sea waves
  4. Free Soloing: rock climbing without any safety ropes
  5. Heli-Skiing: skiing in an area that only a helicopter could access.
  6. Cave diving: underwater diving into the caves
  7. Bull Riding: riding on an 1800 pounds bull that is running
  8. Ice climbing
  9. Volcano Surfing: climbing up a volcano
  10. Wingsuit flying: flying without any machine assistance, just with a suit that has wings.

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Feel the Thrill and Action Playing Online Extreme Sports Games

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  1. Extreme
  2. Gonzo’s quest
  3. Wizard of oz
  4. Book of dead
  5. Starburst
  6. Cleopatra
  7. Book of Ra deluxe
  8. Golden goddess
  9. Monopoly big event
  10. Extreme riches

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10 Most Influential Extreme Sports Athletes

  1. Alana Blanchard: this Hawaiian girl first boarded her surfboard at the age of four and today is among the top-ranked surfers of the world
  2. Ken Block: this man has not stopped himself to one but three sports, skateboard, snowboard, and motocross
  3. Xavier De Le Rue: this man from France is a mountain snowboarder
  4. Ryan Doyle: he is famous for his freestyle parkour which is a form of martial art
  5. Bethany Hamilton: she lost one of her arms to a tiger shark at the age of 13 and is still one of the most influential surfers
  6. Henrik Harlaut: he is a Swedish freestyle skier
  7. Horacio Llorens: this Spanish man is a paraglider
  8. Chris McDougall: he is a base jumper and a wingsuit pilot
  9. Travis Pastrana: he is a NASCAR champion.
  10. Marie-France Roy: a snowboarder from Quebec.