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Indy at the works

Thanks to Tom-Cotton for uploading this one.

inline skates from skates.co.uk

Aggressive Inline Skating from Grindside.com.

About Grindside.com

This website is designed for anyone who has an interest in Aggressive Inline Skating, whether you are a newbie, beginner or a seasoned aggressive skater there should be something here for you. We have a beginners' guide, a photos page, a timeline history of skating, inline skating, and aggressive skating, a tricks guide and also a forum. In phase 2 we will be adding a videos section, and review pages for Aggressive skating equipment and skate parks.

Our production team consists of a neat and even balance between aggressive skaters and web-designers. Our technical knowledge in these areas allows us to present an informative, clear and helpful resource for all Aggressive Inline Skating enthusiasts, regardless of their previous experience and skating abilities.

We do not aim to make a profit, and therefore any money made from the site will be reinvested in Grindside.com's Aggressive skating site.

To make this site a success we need your help, we are looking for:

  • Reviews of your local skate parks/street venues.
  • Original photographs of anything relating to aggressive inline skating.
  • Aggressive skating equipment reviews (so if you have just purchased something new, then we want to know what you think of it).
  • Sponsorship from skate park, and skate shops, or just the loan of some equipment to review.

If you can't help grindside.com with any of the above then please just sign up on the forum. Registration is free of charge (and always will be), this gives you the opportunity to contribute your own skating stories, videos, reviews etc. as the site develops.

Feel free to contact us about anything Aggressive Inline Skating related. Grindside.com really appreciate feedback: webmaster@grindside.com

Latest Grindside.com News

Here is a list of the latest Grindside updates.

31st May 2008
Upgraded our forum software, added new logos and buttons and added a chat box for general Aggressive Skating chat.

4th Jun 2008
Updated the video section ready to run our monthly aggressive skating video edits competitions.

7th Apr 2008
Added White Air TV to video section and started this years White Air competitons to win tickets.

23rd Aug 2007
Fixed the upload Aggressive Skating photos section so the uploading of animated GIFs works properly now. Also the Aggressive Inline Skating photo galleries have been updated so all photo links work correctly.

23rd Aug 2007
Fixed a bug in the Aggressive Skating photo of the day section. Clicking on the picture will now take you to the photo comments pages.

21st Aug 2007
The photo section now allows comments to be added, these must be relating to the Aggressive Skating photos though.

18th Aug 2007
If you are a member of Grindside.com then any additions to the Aggressive Inline Skating journals, since you last viewed them, will be shown with an updated symbol.

16th Jul 2007
The Aggressive Skate Journal is now open. Skating Journal. Feel free to browse our members journal entries, or even create your own. Keep a record of your Aggressive Skating sessions so you can look back at your progress.

25th Apr 2007
Added 2 new Aggressive Skating Tricks to the Trick Guide section.

24th Apr 2007
Added new affiliate Summit Online, they are a sports retailer in the US that sell Aggressive Skates, and Inline Skates.

8th Apr 2007
Split the Links pages sections into multiple pages, so page will load quicker on slow connections.

Older updates can be found in the site update archive.


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